Aluminum Foil


  • 30 cm
  • 45 cm
  • Diamond
  • Black Sakura
  • Red Sakura
  • Goodfoil


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Aluminum Foil

How to store food in the best condition is a great concern. If exposed food to the outside environment or under the impact of humidity, temperature, bacteria, it will easily lead to spoilage, even poisoning. Understanding the above issues, manufacturers have researched and created food aluminum foil.

About aluminum foil

Products for food protection are becoming more and more popular. Specifically, people produce a lot of plastic bags, plastic wrap, … products made of various materials.

Among those, aluminum foil is a kind. Unlike conventional lines, the product is made from pure aluminum, featuring a shiny silver-white color. The food preservation ability of this foil is quite high, can be used in many environments.

Foil is produced in rolls, similar to conventional food wrap. The user can carry it with him or store it for super neat and convenience.

Aluminum foils offer outstanding applicability
Aluminum foils offer outstanding applicability

Classification of food foils

Understanding the needs and preferences of current wholesale and retail customers in searching and procuring different kinds of aluminum foils, our company is now offering a variety of aluminum foil products.

Tri Quang is currently providing aluminum foils with diverse brands, designs, and specifications. Customers can refer and choose different brands such as Diamond, Red Sakura, Black Sakura, Goodfoil.

Besides, we also offer foils with size 30cm and 45cm to optimize consumers’ application.

Products are manufactured with a variety of sizes and types, providing more choices for customers
Products are manufactured in a variety of sizes and types, providing more choices for customers

Aluminum foil description

Food foil is made from aluminum which has good heat retention, optimally protects food from conditions from the outside environment.

Thanks to these advantages, people often use products to wrap cooked food for preservation or uncooked food before processing in microwave or baker. In the period of preservation, freezing, or even baking on coal stoves, electric grill, … we can also wrap the food with foils to process.

Particularly, foils can help to retain the flavor of food during processing. Food will not stink or lose its original flavor and taste.

Food foil is made from a material that retains heat well
Food foil is made from a material that retains heat well

Thus, aluminum foil has many great advantages. In addition to the ability to preserve food before bacteria, moisture, and temperature, foil also aids in processing in different equipment. If you are looking for more information and buy genuine paper, please contact Tri Quang now.

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There are 7 types of aluminum foil distributed by Tri Quang:

  • Red Sakura 30 cm (24 rolls/box)
  • Red Sakura 45 cm (24 rolls/box)
  • Black Sakura 30 cm (24 rolls/box)
  • Black Sakura 45 cm (24 rolls/box)
  • Diamond 30cm (24 rolls/box)
  • Diamond 45cm (24 rolls/box)
  • Goodfoil 5kg 45cm (3 rolls/box)

We supply products by boxes. Therefore, it is easy for customers to buy in bulk, especially for wholesale customers. When importing more goods, buyers also receive super attractive discounts.

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Aluminum foil ingredient

Aluminum foil is made from 100% pure aluminum. Manufacturers choose raw materials and accurately quantifies them before putting them into the processing and processing line. Thanks to the application of advanced and modern technology, we can ensure the creation of foils with high standards.

Since it is made entirely from pure aluminum, the foil is safe for users. Do not be worry about food poisoning, affecting your health.

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